ileostomy bags

Ileostomy Bags

Ileostomy Bags

No one wants to face the fact that they someday may be in need of  ileostomy bags or a colostomy bag.  But, we are actually lucky that this type of technology for ileostomy exists for certain medical conditions.  Ileostomy bags are becoming flatter and lighter and are very easy to conceal and get on with your life.

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You can get ileostomy bags and supplies anywhere that medical supplies are sold.  However, if you live in a remote area, they can be difficult to find.  When you order online, you can become a loyal customer of your supplier and even get discounts.  You may be able to get set up on an auto-ship program  so that you never run out and don’t need to remember to order. Discount Medical Supplies will give you free shipping most of the time and is a leading supplier of such supplies.

Is it easy to clean ileostomy bags?

t’s a good idea to begin by establishing a routine for changing your bag. Try to keep this routine as simple as possible. As you get used to your stoma you’ll find that it’s more active at certain times of the day, for example shortly after a meal. Don’t choose this time to change the bag but select a time when it’s relatively inactive – perhaps first thing in the morning.

Your specialist stoma nurse will give you advice on how often you need to change your bag. It’s recommended that you empty the bag before your remove it. Then seal the bag inside a disposal bag and place it in the dustbin. DO NOT flush your bag down the toilet, as it will cause a blockage.

You will need to empty your ileostomy bags several times each day.